Kingdom Itinerary

Kingdom Living Family Conference Itinerary

Thursday, June 7: Conference Check-in/Registration at Metamorphosis Outreach (All Day)

Thursday, June 7: Women/Men/Youth Day Sessions (11:00-1:00pm) Lunch will be served.

Thursday, June 7: VIP Experience  (6:00pm)

Thursday, June 7: Nightly Service  (7:00pm)

Friday, June 8: Conference Check-in/Registration at Metamorphosis Outreach (All Day)

Friday, June 8: Women/Men/Youth Sessions (11:00-1:00) Lunch will be served.

Friday, June 8: VIP Experience (6:00pm)

Friday, June 8: Nightly Service (7:00pm)

Saturday, June 9: Kingdom Business Session (9:00-10:30) – Continental Breakfast will be served

Saturday, June 9: Kingdom Language Prayer Class (10:30-12:00)



Women Empowerment Sessions

Morning Session (11:00-1:00):  (Women Only)

Women of God you have always had a place in the Kingdom of God.  From the beginning you were, and you still are, a threat to the enemy.  Your heels and pearls don’t diminish your authority; it is now time to take territory.  You have the authority, as a Child of God; now, allow us to empower what is already there through dynamic teaching and impartation that is sure to equip you for the #CovenantUpgrade.

Men Empowerment Sessions

Morning Session (11:00-1:00): (Men Only)

Protector, provider, Mighty Man of Valor and Priest of your family, Men of God, your time is now.  You are the natural leaders that God has placed as the head and you are needed to help advance and enlarge The Kingdom.  No longer will you be oppressed or imprisoned in your mind.  The time and hour is set to impact the very nature of your God-given authority to name and rule in the earth.  Join us for two days of powerful and impactful teaching that will equip you for the #CovenantUpgrade.

Prayer Class

Saturday Morning (9:00-10:30): Kingdom Language

Join our intercessory prayer team as we peel back the layers of prayer and understand what it takes for our prayers to reach the heart of God.  This session will empower each member of the family, allowing them to use their weapon of prayer as a viable mechanism that will position them for the #CovenantUpgrade!

Kingdom Business Empowerment Session

Saturday Morning (10:30-12:00): Kingdom Business

Join dynamic speakers with a wealth of knowledge in experience as they dive into their entrepreneur and business owner backgrounds and provide knowledge as to how to be successful in any economic condition in any industry.  These speakers come with a diverse background in small business, and also corporate experience, and together they want to spread the knowledge they have learned and gained through their economic hardships, setbacks, and cutbacks; through it all God has sustained them with witty ideas and marketing genius.   they will empower current and future business owners to be an intricate part of the #CovenantUpgrade!